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Author Topic: Simple Scanlations Rules and FAQ  (Read 7953 times)

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Simple Scanlations Rules and FAQ
« on: January 17, 2010, 11:23:27 PM »
Forum FAQ

Can I have double accounts? Can I change my name?
No, you cannot have double accounts. We will know if you made another one and we will delete it.
If you have a reason for making another account, PM yealoFTW. If she approves, you can make your new account and we will delete the old one.
Same goes with name changing. If you want to change your profile name, PM yealoFTW.

How do I change my Profile avatar and signature?
Click on the tab at the top of the site that says "Profile."
If you look down to your left, there's a control panel that will say "Look and Layout" and "Forum Profile."
Click on Look and Layout to modify your timezone on the forum and change your preferences.
Click on Forum Profile to upload your avatar. To add a signature, you will have to use the IMG code from Photobucket, Imageshack, etc.

Have a question left unanswered?
Shoot a PM (private message) at one of the administrators [abcd9146, Devilfox, Izirae, yealoFTW] and we will gladly find a solution (you MUST register on the site. Or this really isn't an option...)

Thank you again for registering and/or lurking on Simple Scans!
We look forward to scanlating for you in the future!
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