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Author Topic: What is the difference between Digital Agency and Traditional Advertising Agency  (Read 586 times)

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Organizations today are struggling hard to stay ahead of competition with several online and offline marketing strategies. Earlier they were dependent on advertising agencies to promote their website by creating a brand image. Websites never figured anywhere in the marketing strategy of the firms. Now the time has changed. Having just a functional website is not enough anymore for those who are seeking the top slot in the minds of the target audience. A digital agency is the new trend, which uses digital strategy to create and promote a website. Digital agency uses techniques to enhance the effect of a website in such a way that it creates a favorable picture in the minds of the online customers, convincing them about your brand value. Gone are the days when having a website online will do a commendable job when complemented with offline activities of an advertising agency for creating a brand value. These included logo designing, kiosks and other corporate merchandise. There is now an urgent need to market your website perfectly. Thatís what the digital agency does. It promotes your brand online as opposed to promoting your company offline which was earlier done by a traditional advertising agency. A digital agency will create, design and develop a that speaks for you and caters to your audience. It uses all the latest techniques and technologies a website vailable to make a website user-friendly, easily navigable, advanced and high quality. Some of the benefits of having a Digital Agency service are:
One Stop Shop: Digital Agency provides you with a one-stop shop for all your website promotion needs. It develops, designs, hosts and markets your website through search engine optimization, pay per click campaigns, email marketing and whatever methods it needs for promotion
A digital agency provides you with a dedicated project manager who takes care of all your web promotion needs.
It houses a wide range of expertise that is needed in creating every facet of website and online industry.
Digital Agency Dubai is engaged in offering high-end website designing and development services to customers across the world. Affordable and engaging websites which are easy to use is now possible with digital agencies.